Algeria is an African country that offers that off the beaten track kind of adventure for tourists


February 14, 2017 Travel No comments

Algeria is an African country that offers that off the beaten track kind of adventure for tourists, yet still coupled with an air of modernity. It is more than your run of the mill African safari. The Algeria tour brings out the very best of the country while not compromising the country’s rich heritage. It is an exploration not soon to be forgotten. Included in the Algeria tour package are the following.

A letter of invitation. This letter is needed to meet Visa requirements. Included in the Algeria tour, it allows for the admin of the process to be handled by local representatives of the travel company in the country. Entrance fees to all visiting points during the tour are included. This relives the pressure of having to carry around cash, but also to secure your spot and gain entry for the day. Areas such as the Algeria Museum of Fine Arts or the Great Mosque in Tlemcem experiences very high daily traffic so advance booking is necessary. It also ensure that a trip to Algeria will not be wasted.


Meals are also an inclusion in the Algeria tour package. Tour guests can look forward to eating a wide array of cuisine from local meals when visiting age old tribes in the Sahara Desert or French bistro food in Algiers. It is always fascinating to experience the history of a country through its food. Accommodation is the next factor. Guests will stay in luxury hotels in the city through to tents in the desert. The tour does promise a well-rounded experience for guests. Transport on the Algeria tour is also varied. Guests would be ferried at every point from the time they arrive in the country. Personal drivers ensure that the group always has direct access to ground vehicles. There will be camel riding to enjoy in the Sahara Desert and a boat journey in the city of Djemila.

A tour guide is always on hand during the Algeria tour. Their services are immeasurable. They handle all of the logistics, give the talks during the outings to the various sites and then act as the translator as English is not the main medium spoken in the country. The tour guide is the main reason that people book in the Algeria tour. Here is a reliable way to ensure that you would be getting someone trustworthy and knowledgeable to take you around. For this reason, you must book with a reputable travel company who have years in the industry and have conducted prior Algeria tours.

Finally, you will be paying for certain unique experiences that you would not get elsewhere. Tour forts in one of the country’s ancient towns. Partake in bartering for items in the marketplaces. Handmade gift items from rugs to jewellery can be found here and it is considered customary to barter to the final price. Get to explore caves with genuine drawings from the tribes of centuries ago. Finally, guests have the chance to sleep under the stars in one of the most prolific deserts in the world, the Sahara and wake up to the sun rising against the many dunes.