Everyone from birders to wildlife experts and even household pet owners are becoming huge fans of the Igoterra app


February 14, 2017 Business No comments

Everyone from birders to wildlife experts and even household pet owners are becoming huge fans of the Igoterra app. How it works is that anyone can sign up for an account with the site. Mainly animal lovers and owners will have the most interest in the offerings of the site. This account can be accessed from any device allowing for any information stored on the Igoterra site to be brought up on it. The information we refer to is both databases provided by the community of members on the site or your own personal listings. The simplicity of the site along with the convenience has made it a firm favourite among pet owners and animal trackers.

The database provided by the community of members on the Igoterra site is extensive. It contains all species of animals and the places in the world that they are found at. Since it is user generated information, it is not mindless dabble but information that is direly needed from people interested in bird watching or other animal tracking activities. There is information on each species from every animal grouping on the planet. It is important to note that only Igoterra members have access to this listing and one has to be approved before being able to post messages. The site is concerned with keeping to it true mission.


This information would benefit birders, in being led to spots where they can spot birds that are on their goal list. Igoterra can help in your home environment but really shows its use when travels are done internationally. Consulting the app will simplify the animal tracking process and then allow for so much more to be accomplished.

Personal listing is what the Igoterra app is best known for. On each members account, there is the ability to keep lists relating to animals. The wow factor is being able to cross identify species you are not familiar with and get access to all information regarding one specific animal breed. While birders do find this app invaluable, it would be a once off factor for each species they find. With pet owners, on the other hand, the same list will be consulted time and time again.

Igoterra is a permanent way to keep track of your pet’s upbringing right from the puppy/kitten stage. There may be dozens more pet types but dogs and cats are undoubtedly the most popular. Not only would pet owners get a permanent keepsake of their pet’s life in this list, but information relayed here can be immediately seen by other Igoterra members if you want certain information. There is no need to spend hours searching the net to find out the best vets in your area, or which food is going to keep your breed of animal healthiest. In just one posting you would be able to call on members with a link to your pet breed. Although the internet has brought information right to our fingertips, with Igoterra there is no longer a need to spend hours searching.