Guides are the part of Botswana wildlife tours which are the main reason for seeking out the tour package


February 14, 2017 Travel No comments

The diversity of Botswana’s habitats means that the country houses an incredible amount of animal species. Botswana wildlife tours can lay claim to giving guests the scope of seeing all of these animals in just 2 weeks. Even with the ample amount of animals roaming about the deltas, lagoons and islands, it still takes a certain amount of skill to be able to find them. If you have all the time in the world, then this would not be an issue, but most people who go to Botswana on holiday, do not have the luxury of time. They will need an expert guide to take them around and not just to spot animals but to also get around.

Guides are the part of Botswana wildlife tours which are the main reason for seeking out the tour package. They ensure that guests to Botswana will get their money’s worth where time is used up wisely. Guests in turn, get to enjoy sightings of lions, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, birds, elephants and so much more in just a 2 week holiday. Wildlife is in abundance on Botswana wildlife tours because the country is home to a massive amount of habitats from lagoons, forests, deserts, woodlands and rivers. In addition, the highly protected areas ensure the safety of the wildlife. The aim of the guide on Botswana wildlife tours is to ensure the group encounters many animal species but to also keep them safe and at the same time ensuring the non-disturbance of the wildlife.


A good wildlife holiday is one where the participants get to travel in small groups in modified vehicles but also engage in some walking so that the barrier of a jeep does not constrict the views of the animals. From the learned experience of local bush tribes, tour guides lead the group to take in the land as the locals have been doing for centuries. This is the way to see wildlife, in their natural habitat, and where they will be most at ease. For tourist safety, it is not allowed to venture into these parts without a tour guide. Botswana wildlife tours include the guide that will stay with the group for the duration of the tour. Also, lodges, camps, transport and meals are included. Tour guests really have nothing to worry about. The entirety of the tour has already been organized, ready to enjoy.

It is just three main regions that are visited during Botswana wildlife tours. These are Linyanti, the Kalahari and the Okavango Delta and even though several days are spent in each, the tour group never spends more than one day in the same area. This is because there is such variety, even within the Delta and the group has to constantly move to be able to get it all in, in the few days. Due to the vastness of the country, charter flights are used to get between the regions and jeep transport between the local areas. Both modes of transport takes a few hours to complete.