Reducing Stress the…Less Traditional Way


March 24, 2017 Tour No comments

Have you been looking for ways to reduce your stress that doesn’t involve taking a pill? Are you tired or breathing in and out heavily? You have likely discovered that you are in for a difficult task. However, these are alternatives which can help. Some of the most common are explained below.



If you think that Yoga is just full of gossiping Moms, then you have been watching too much television. People from all walks of life take advantage of the benefits which Yoga can provide.

By connecting breathing with slow physical stretching movements, yoga relieves stress through associated muscle release. If your thoughts have been racing a mile a minute, Yoga can help.

Video Games

You read that right. Video games. If you have energy and frustration inside you which just leads to stress and anxiety, head to the Groupon Coupons page for GameStop, pick up a console and an action game, and enjoy!

Video games provide a disconnection from your own world and an outlet to release your anger and frustration. Despite how it sounds, this method truly is great energy release and really can help to reduce stress and tension.


Sometimes you get so frustrated and stressed at the world that you feel like you could turn into the Hulk and punch through a wall. And while you can’t, there is another way to release your anger.

A boxing bag is a great investment for people who find themselves with a lot of pent up frustration and energy and don’t always have the time for Yoga or Video Games.

Boxing provides an immediate energy release and is a great activity to undertake before going to sleep at night.


If it all gets too much and none of the above ideas work, it’s time for a tried and trusted method; retail therapy. Also known as SHOPPING!

If stress has got you down, head to your favorite designer store or perfumery and pick yourself up something nice to lift your mood and take your mind away from things.

If you enjoy a bit of luxury, consider a massage or a body scrub while you’re at it!

Life as a modern woman is hard and it can be easy to become bogged down with little stresses. Instead of taking the traditional route, consider these great, if not a little cheeky, ideas and enjoy the feeling of your troubles washing away.