The Danakil Depression can be found in the northern region of Ethiopia in Africa


March 24, 2017 Tour No comments

Far too often, photographic expeditions take place in flowery or beach paradises. There really isn’t anything here that is breath-taking enough to be truly unique. It may not be as well-known as many other landmarks around the world, but the Danakil Depression is often talked of as being a geographical treasure cove. This then makes a Danakil photography tour a must do expedition on a photographers travel list. The Danakil Depression can be found in the northern region of Ethiopia in Africa and is the lowest part on the planet. The region is notoriously hot though, and one must be prepared for the extreme heat before booking into a Danakil photography tour. Visitors brave this heat, for the sole reason of laying their eyes upon a marvel of natural creation. The land is inhospitable so venturing out here has to be done with a convoy of people. This is exactly what the Danakil photography tour provides for guests.


Unlike most other holiday tours where there is just one guide tagging along with the group, here there is a tour guide, security escort, photography expert and backup helpers. There is also not permanent accommodation facilities so the Danakil photography tour group has to make do with temporary setups. All of the help brought along is to help with the physical conditions along with protection from local tribes who do not like foreigners wandering around. As long as you choose a reputable Danakil photography tour company, you will be just fine. Travelling to the Danakil Depression takes a full day of ground travel by modified jeep vehicles to handle the rough desert and rocky terrain. All of this struggle is worth it though, once you reach the Danakil Depression. For a moment you will even forget your camera as you get a first glance at the spectrum of colours out here in the barren wastelands.

A fair bit more travel is required once the area is reached. The Danakil Depression is made up of several natural formations from salt mines, volcanoes, hot springs and lakes and all will be explored during the Danakil photography tour. The volcano is still active and its lava, over the years, has produced its own permanent structure. The hot springs can be enjoyed for a leisurely swim. As it enters the caves which leads to Lake Afdera, there is the rare opportunity to cool down from the heat. The salt mines are unique in their colouring and a favourite of photographers. Guests on the Danakil photography tour get tips directly from the photo guide and are then able to snap professional quality pictures. A mobile photography station is brought along on the trip and the end of every day, pictures can instantly be developed. All camera equipment, along with the other main factors of a holiday will be provided as part of the Danakil photography tour package. This is one of the most affordable and unforgettable journeys you will ever take and is worth every penny spent.