Perran Springs Holiday Park Review


May 8, 2017 Travel No comments

When our family goes on holiday we generally like to pick spots where we feel the kids will have plenty to do and we can expose them to nature as well. That is part of the reason why this year we decided we would visit Cornwall, as both of us had been before and knew that there were tons of activities, sights and attractions that we could visit on the trip.

The one question that we weren’t quite sure of however is where we were going to stay. Because we didn’t exactly want to break the bank, we first thought about staying in some budget hotels – but then I remembered that there were lots of great campsites in Cornwall and we could turn our holiday into a camping trip which the kids would love.


As we started to look into our options, one in particular stood out: Perran Springs Holiday Park. Right from the start its location seemed pretty ideal and near enough to the northern Cornish coast that had all the best beaches. Since we intended to explore a lot of the rest of Cornwall too, its somewhat central location seemed to be perfect too. The full address was:

Perran Springs Holiday Park





Considering we already had our own tents, we booked one of the grass pitches with electricity. Although we did want our kids to have a camping experience, we figured that having access to some basic amenities would make it a bit easier – especially their first time out. That was part of what made Perran Springs Holiday Park attractive in the first place as it had all the basic amenities we could ask for – including shower and laundry facilities.

When we eventually got there, we were immediately impressed. As much as it had come highly recommended we hadn’t expected to find it to be as well-maintained and clean as it was. The staff were friendly, and we were quickly directed to our campsite where we proceeded to set up.

Over the next few days we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. In fact the kids enjoyed the area around the campsite so much that we changed our plans so that we could spend more time there. In particular we found that the 3 on-site fishing lakes were a great way to kick back and relax while taking in nature and teaching them how to fish.

On top of that the meadow area near the pond was immaculately maintained and a haven for local flora, fauna and wildlife. Periodically we’d go on walks and try to spot and identify the various plants and animals in the vicinity, and we were even lucky enough to encounter a badger.

All in all staying at Perran Springs Holiday Park was a great deal of fun for the entire family. In fact if anything the kids are completely sold on the idea of camping now, so we are likely to very well repeat the experience in the not so distant future.