Rugby Tour with Sports Travel South West Review


May 8, 2017 Travel No comments

Typically our social club tries to organize a rugby trip at least once a year, and in the past we’ve had a lot of difficulty coming up with a suitable location and organizing the trip itself – which is partially why this year we decided to give Sports Travel South West a try. Seeing as it came highly recommended we figured it would be a good idea, but honestly it exceeded many of our expectations.

The first thing that we did was go over the various options that Sports Travel South West provided us with and narrowed down our choices. While they had a lot of great 3-day rugby tours that were perfect for our schedule, the two in particular that stood out for us were Gloucester and Newquay. Although watching Gloucester rugby during the trip sounded great, we ended up settling on Newquay as we figured it would be nice to be able to relax on the beach before and after the game.

When Sports Travel South West provided us with the itinerary for the trip it was mostly perfect. Departing on Friday morning we’d have most of the day to ourselves to explore Newquay. After that on Saturday morning we could hit the waves on surfboards before the match, play a solid game of rugby, and finally paint the town red as we enjoyed the nightlife in Newquay. All in all it sounded ideal, and we were happy that everything seemed to be taken care of.


Overall the trip itself turned out to be enjoyable and we were thrilled by how smoothly everything went. As planned we checked into the accommodation, which turned out to be great – as were the meals. Most of the first day was spent exploring, and we found ourselves taking advantage of the trails that led out of Newquay. Seeing as we had a packed day on Saturday we opted to not stay out too late, and most of us turned in shortly after dinner.

Upon waking up fresh on Saturday we took to the beach shortly after breakfast. Although we’d be warned that the weather had been a bit spotty over the week as it turned out conditions were pretty perfect and we rented some boards and hit the waves immediately. Some of the boys who hadn’t been surfing in the past had an instructor as had been arranged and they quickly got the hang of it. After that we went over to the club we were playing and the hospitality there was excellent. The match itself was great, and the level of rugby was ideal for our team.

Although we were fairly exhausted after the game, we did take in some of Newquay’s nightlife and the driver recommended an excellent pub that could easily accommodate our group. Without a doubt this was one of our most satisfying and successful trips, and we will definitely engage Sports Travel South West for a repeat next year – possibly to Gloucester this time.