Best Ideas To Wear Whiteout Contact Lenses

We all have some weird fantasies, and so can be the case with you as well. So, what’s your wildest fantasy considering that it changes a specific feature of yours? Do you want the large outgrown ears, a pointy nose or some horns? Well, you don’t want to look so weird, as if an alien or a character straight out from children’s cartoon movie. Is there any chance your strange fantasies include a different eye color? If your answer is positive, then what is the weirdest eye color you want to have? Brown, black, blue and green and pretty out of the question, because a considerable population already has them. So, how about whiteout eyes? Whiteout eye color means no eyeball and blank eyes.

The idea does sound great! In case you want to try out how you’ll look in whiteout eyes, buy yourself a pair of whiteout contact lenses and see for yourself. Whiteout contact lenses have a wow factor! They automatically make you the centre of attention and make people go crazy over you. If you are wondering if it is because you are pretty, then you are wrong to some extent. People will gather around you to figure out why your eyes are popping so much, or why are your eyes all white. You might also get some extra attention and care if you create a little act about your eyes. Well, jokes apart! Tell all these people the secret to your whiteout contact lenses and help them achieve similar looks.

Whiteout Contact Lenses

The more people wear them, the more famous they’ll go, and the less weird you’ll feel in them. Also, everyone will know them by your name, if you introduce these lenses in your circle. So, it is your chance to set the trend! Whiteout contact lenses are multipurpose and versatile. You can wear them on numerous occasions with different makeup, costume and still rock the look. The best event to wear whiteout contact lenses is Halloween. It is because Halloween is all about different and unique looks, where each person tries to look distinctive and stun the crowd. These contact lenses are prefer to helping you pull the pranks and scare people.

You can easily trick people into believing that you lost your eyesight in a recent accident or you are born blind. You can also trick people into thinking that you passed up. Lay down on a couch somewhere with your eyes half-open while wearing whiteout contact lenses and anyone passing near you will definitely check you out. Ahah! Aren’t these lenses just amazing because of the terrifying effect and natural vibe that they give? Don’t miss out on a single chance of entertaining yourself and people around you, buy whiteout contact lenses, and play the prank you’ve wanted to play for years.

You can also wear whiteout contact lenses on Halloween to create cosmetic looks. On Halloween, characters like vampire, zombie, alien, sugar skeleton, creepy doll etc. are very common. Almost every second person tries to look like at least one of them. Not to be rude, but people do try their very best to look real, and put in a lot of effort in makeup and costume, and yet, fail to achieve the real, natural and smooth look.

There is no significant reason or master science behind their failure; it is just that they ignore their eyes. Your eyes are the center focal point, and they can break or make your look. So, whenever striving for perfection while creating Halloween looks, change your eye color by wearing whiteout contact lenses and brush off your look. These lenses will pull your look together and make your character look more natural, neat and on point! There are a few things you should consider while wearing whiteout contact lenses. These include taking care of your contact lenses and eyes.

Whiteout Contact Lenses

So, you should always try your whiteout contact lenses at least one time before the event to see if they are comfortable and cause any irritation or not. Secondly, you need to put them in the box inside the solution, so they are moist and not dry. Other than that, learn this rule by heart that you are supposed to wear whiteout contact lenses before applying the makeup. It prevents your makeup from ruining, as mostly tears come out of eyes while applying the lenses. This rule also prevents your lenses from getting dirty or catching bacteria and makeup particles.

Also, if you have sharp nails or your hands are too dirty with paint or makeup, apply your lenses with the help of a lens applicator instead of fingers to avoid tears and scratches. As these contact lenses are mostly for party wear, you won’t be in your comfort zone, and you don’t know you long you’ll be spending out. So, keep your lenses box in your purse and take out your whiteout contact lenses before sleeping or after 8 hours. You should also avoid going near the pool water of fire when wearing contact lenses because they can damage your eyes as well as a lenses.

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