Go On An Offbeat Tour And Visit These Unexplored Places In Kerala

Some places look as if nature has manifested herself in the best form with all splendor. Kerala is one such location in India whose natural beauty utterly astonishes the onlookers. Precisely dubbed as “God’s Own Country,” Kerala’s picturesque landscape comprises backwaters, beaches, waterfalls, national parks, hill stations, spice estates, and coastal towns. Not just the popular tourist attractions in Kerala but also these less-visited places will surely bowl you over with their heavenly beauty.

Vagamon, Idukki:

While Munnar is the most sought-after hill station, Vagamon is another hill station that almost matches up to Munnar in being so spectacular, yet it is a less popular and thus unexplored place in Kerala. Situated at 1200 meters above sea level, it is a perfect place for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. If you like some adventure, you can take part in trekking, rock climbing, and paragliding. The trek is only made easy by the surrounding beauty of the rolling green mountains, pine forests, cascading waterfalls, tea estates – all covered under a thin veil of mist and fog. Vagamon was listed by National Geographic Traveler on their directory of “50 most attractive places to visit in India.”

Nelliampathy, Palakkad:

Palakkad is one of the hidden gems in Kerala whose unparalleled beauty casts a spell on you at first sight itself, be it the cloud-kissed hills at Nelliampathy or the tropical rainforest of Silent Valley National Park. Nelliampathy in the Sahyadri Ranges of the Western Ghats features a group of peaks with the height ranging from 467 m to 1572 m. It’s a dramatic journey to Nelliampathy along many hairpin bends. You’ll come across bio farming villages, and coffee and tea estates en route. The orange cultivations on the hills of Nelliampathy infuse a pleasant fragrance to the area.

Silent Valley National Park, Palakkad:

Silent Valley National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Located in the north-east part of Palakkad in the Nilgiri Hills, this national park is home to endangered species of flora and fauna. You cannot miss this untouched place in Kerala if you are a wildlife enthusiast or a nature lover. This park, sprawled over an area of 237.52 sq km, is the dwelling place of rare lion-tailed macaque, many colorful birds, insects, mammals, and around 1000 flower species.  Two beautiful rivers, Bhavani and Kunthipuzha, pass through the tropical evergreen forests making the landscape more impressive.

Cherai Beach, Ernakulam:

Who doesn’t like a pleasant beach where you can swim, sunbath, walk barefooted on the sand or sit back for hours admiring the view of thick coconut groves swaying, boisterous waves breaking, and the distant sun on the horizon casually and subtly sinking in the evening hours? Cherai Beach, located on the northern side of Vypin Island, offers more than casual beach experience. You’ll get to watch backwaters merging into the Arabian Sea, spot dolphins near the shore, notice how the Chinese fishing nets on the waterfront add to the charm of this shining sandy beach having a coastline of 15 km.

Edakkal Caves, Wayanad:

Whether you are an adventurous person or a history buff, whether archeology interests you or ancient sculpture impresses you, a visit to Edakkal Caves is simply needed for people like you. This offbeat place in Kerala features two natural caves at an altitude of 1,200 m above sea level on the Mysore Plateau. Edakkal translates to ‘a stone in between’ and this actually describes the formation of these pre-historic caves when a smaller boulder got naturally wedged between two bigger ones. One has to trek about 4000 ft up the rocky hill to explore the caves and its Neolithic and Stone Age carvings dating back to 6,000 B.C.

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