Make Your Trip Adventures With Irockers Paddling Packages

Refuel your fitness goals with energizing paddling or water surfing. The unruly oceans challenge the limits of the rider with sudden impacts, force and push. The stand-up paddling is a full body workout which burns more calories than almost any other exercise. It build strength, the core, endurance and balance.

Not only does the sport build physical strength but it also improves mental strength with attention, decision making and also releases stress. I rockers up brings the highest quality of stand up paddle boards. Include the wonderful water sport in the fitness regime and enhance strength for higher discounts use irockersup coupon code.


Irockers up offer some of the best made sups that make surfing an unforgettable experience. They are made of Triple Layer Composite military grade PVC. These inflatable paddle boards are strong and sturdy making the water sport comfortable and safe. The boards are strong yet light in weight and great for adjusting the reflexes. It handles sudden impact easily and delivers extra protection. With the design and the material the paddleboards offer durability and with the rigidness it withholds sudden jolts and rushing force of the waters. It offers great maneuverability to the rider making the ride and the paddleboard flexible and convenient to use. Use irockers up coupon code for exciting discounts.


Irockers up entails a wide range of surfing gears. They are highly required while surfing as they provide basic and essentials accessories.


No matter how far or how long the travel destination is a travel backpack is a must. The wheeled travel backpack has comfortable and adjust able shoulder straps with cushions. Feel no weight as weight is distributed by proportion with waist and back support. Deflate the Irockers up and roll it in the backpack and you are good to go.

Kayak Blade

It offers a transitional blade that transforms from single to dual in seconds. It is a fiberglass blade paddle. It smoothly cuts the fierce waters and moves according to the motion. It gives excellent performance in the tough waters and is highly durable. It is lighter than plastic. The fiberglass blades work efficiently.

Kayak Seat

It is a thick cushioned neoprene material seat that comes as an accessory in a package. It has adjustable straps and bolt snap hooks.

Most of the irocker paddleboards are made with dual cargo areas. They provide additional safety with on both front and rear cargo areas, nose and tail grab handles, more D-Ring mounting points, 4 multi-use Action Mounts, logo stamped deck pad, and an even lighter weight carbon blend paddle. They provide utmost safety to let the rider experience immense excitement and thrill while surfing.  They are very affordable and give high value for money.


Get premium quality surfing tools and accessories at reasonable price and get discounts against irockers up discount code.

  • IROCKER SPORT 11? X 31? costs $749.00
  • IROCKER CRUISER 10’6″costs $699.00
  • ALL AROUND 11’costs $799.00

With higher refinements regularly the paddleboards are more resistant, tough and durable but light and very easy to handle and store. Make an exciting fitness regime with thrill and adventure use irockers up coupon code by Sneek Coupon for jaw-dropping discounts.

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