Tips For Travelling To England

Welcome to England! Let yourself be carried away to a top-class destination. Get up close and personal with the British royal family in the vibrant metropolis of London. You will admire the city from above on a ride on the “London Eye” Ferris wheel. Enjoy the charm of quaint villages along the south coast. You can also go on hiking along picturesque chalk cliffs or visit impressive castle ruins that bring the past back to life. England has been one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe for years. Whether you are looking for peace or an individual holidaymaker, a city break, or experiencing pure nature in England, everyone gets their money’s worth.There are many options for traveling tips for England: whether it’s a city trip, round trip, or language trip. Here are some travel tips to make sure you don’t make a mistake on your trip!

Tip 1: Always Nice And Friendly!

Politeness is very important to the English, so you should stick to the most important rules of politeness when traveling. Always say thank you when someone does your work or holds the door open for you. Also, apologizing when you bump into someone or get bumped into you. Yes, even then, you should apologize! The motto here is very clearly “too much rather than too little!”.

Tip 2: Relax!

We always get impatient when the train doesn’t arrive at the minute or something doesn’t go as we planned. The English see many things more calmly, so you should also stay relaxed on a trip through Great Britain and enjoy the unique nature and beautiful historical buildings in peace. After all, it’s your vacation too. It’s best to relax in the pub, by the way!

Tip 3: Exchanging Money Is Not Worth It

It is not financially worthwhile to exchange money at the bank before traveling to the UK. You can easily pay with your debit or credit card anywhere in England, even in taxis. It is completely sufficient to withdraw cash from the ATM now and then for the little cash you need. It’s cheaper than exchanging money. 

traveling tips for england

Tip 4: Stand On The Right, Walk On The Left

The rule of standing on the right and walking on the left on escalators is familiar to many people. But many people come from smaller cities and are not familiar with it. In big cities like London, however, you can quickly get noticed if you block the escalator. To arrange yourself right at the beginning!

If England has always been London for you until now, you’ve missed a lot. The country has a variety of offers in terms of landscape: cliffs, wide sandy beaches, and green swamps. You can check the most popular regions and corners of the country. 

What Should You Know Before Traveling To The UK?

Before going to England, these traveling tips for England mentioned below can help you to do some preparations for the exclusive trip. 

Pay Attention To The Weather Forecast:

Speaking of the United Kingdom means, inevitably, underlining the sudden weather changes.

Don’t Forget The Adapter:

UK sockets are different from those in other countries. For this reason, when you start, you should purchase an adapter specifically. 

Consider Travel Health Insurance:

When traveling, it is advisable to protect yourself. Getting insurance before leaving for the United Kingdom is useful and essential.

Find Out About The Peculiarities Of Your Credit Card:

Another aspect that you should enquire about before leaving for the UK is the credit card.

Don’t Forget Tips

In this cultural context, it is good practice to leave the waiter an amount equal to about 10% of the drink’s total cost.

Beware Of Taxis

In London’s specific case, the classic taxis of the city require the use of the taximeter. It is difficult to know how much the ride will cost you.

traveling tips for england

Always Say Thanks 

Among the most important aspects to consider is the fact of thanking. It doesn’t matter if, in other countries, it is unusual to thank you often.

Don’t Forget About Proxemics.

The rules of proxemics, i.e., interpersonal distance, are very different in the UK.


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traveling tips for england


How much is the cost of eating in London?

Eating in London is expensive, especially if it is done in restaurants. If you want to eat lunch in the famous London pubs with a typical dish (such as fish and chips) accompanied by a beer, you will pay about 25 USD. However, if you are looking for fast food options, prepared meals sold in supermarkets, or takeout in inexpensive local restaurants, you can pay less than $ 7 per meal. Therefore, two meals for budget travelers would cost $15, while for moderate-budget travelers, it would cost $ 50 a day.

What is the budget for a trip to England?

Of course, you cannot miss a visit to places such as Big Ben, British Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London. Other areas such as Notting Hill, Chinatown, Soho, Piccadilly, Hyde Park, Camden Town, Regent’s Park, or Trafalgar Square, among others that you must see.

The average expenditure for a week in London depends on the tourist places we visit for which we have to pay entrance. The price is usually around £ 30-50 per day, for a total of around € 400 per person for a 7-day stay.

What is the cheap month to travel to London?

It depends on several factors for deciding when it is cheapest to travel to London. In terms of flights, from September to November, there are usually several promotions since it is at that time when the demand for the summer has just ended. The airlines seek to attract more users. As for hotels, the low season is also in the second half of the year ( September to November ). 

From January to March, there are good prices again during the winter months and early spring. As you will see, it is advisable to avoid December: the time of Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations are in high demand in London, which causes prices to rise a lot. The summer is another time where it is not easy to find good prices. Tourists fill the city during June, July, and August. That’s why not only will you pay a lot more, but you’ll have to deal with long lines at various locations.

Where should I stay when visiting England?

Lyndene Hotel Blackpool is the best and most valuable option to stay when visiting England. Fortunately, the hotel is an amazing one and is equipped with all the features you need in a good hotel. Lyndene Hotel Blackpool is located 2 kilometers away from Stanley Park. The environment is so quiet and comfortable and offers free Wi-Fi, Sun terrace, newspaper facilities, and much more.


England offers tourists everything that makes a vacation interesting: historical cities and sites, many old castles, parks and gardens, beautiful coastlines, sandy beaches, and imposing cliffs. Each of the different regions in England has its charm. England is a very diverse country that has a lot to offer for nature lovers and city travelers or sports enthusiasts. Due to the cheap flight prices and short flight times, a multi-week trip is a good option. Herewith these traveling tips for England you can explore the enchanting island by car or bus, which is worthwhile.

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