Travel Restrictions For UAE During COVID-19: Is It Safe To Travel??

Inhabitants of the Middle East are at great risk to be the victim of this pandemic since the countries are unable to cope though 60% of the population comprises young people, saving the country too. The Middle East commences loosening lockdown measures that were initially imposed to tackle the situation of coronavirus but after the slow rate of infection was reported, the scenario got changed.T he accuracy of reported cases is not to be believed on so to dodge encountering the miserable situation, Islamabad to Riyadh Saudi Airlines has mentioned travel restrictions for UAE below, to be the safer of everyone’s life.

Saudi Arabia has issued numerous decisions and restrictions regarding travelling restrictions, related to the coronavirus outbreak. Saudi Arabia has barred pilgrims from entering the country since fears surrounding the coronavirus outbreak perpetuates to grow in the Middle East. The Gulf state has decided to suspend the lesser pilgrimage temporarily for the pilgrims.

This deferral was announced by Saudi Arabia when they barred citizens from entering Makkah and Madinah after confirming its first new case of new coronavirus after one of its citizens returned from COVID-19 hotspot Iran tested positive. Muslim pilgrims are in limbo because of these unprecedented moves taken by Saudi Arabia but it is just for the safety of pilgrims.

travel restrictions during COVID-19

Both the Haram Sharif and Masjid al Nabawi are halted since many pilgrims visit the Prophet Mosque before or after delivering the Umrah as well so Saudi Arabia barred visits over these two places to ensure public and other pilgrims’ safety. It is one of the precautionary measures announced and taken by the Gulf State.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation favors the decision of the Saudi Government as it helps in protecting pilgrims from coronavirus. And according to Egyptian Dar Al-Iftaa, this decision to suspend pilgrimage temporarily under Shariah.

Not only couldn’t the pilgrims traveling from other countries but the natives also travel using their national identity cards. Saudi nationals and citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council nations will be unable to travel to and from the kingdom, using a national identity card, for the time being. They have to follow all these travel restrictions from or for UAE.

Except having for those Saudis who are returning home and the citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council countries who are in the kingdom and return to their home countries, no other native or visitor can leave or enter the kingdom using a national identity card.

travel restrictions

Saudi officials clarified that these restrictions are just for time being and that all are having been undertaken to support and implement the international efforts to limit the spread of the virus. Though the decision to ban pilgrimage is temporary, its exact period couldn’t be predicted and announced as its opening is utterly up to the time until the fear of coronavirus gets diminished. The decision can be reversed if the situation changes.

Umrah is a sanctified journey to the holy city of Makkah for visiting the house of Allah SWT.
Unquestioningly, it is a great blessing and fortune to be the guest of Allah Almighty and one can be the guest merely when Allah SWT invites him. On the flip side, coronavirus is a pandemic that the whole world is suffering through. In the current circumstances, when the gatherings are not permissible then how Allah SWT put His men in hardship. Undeniably,

Allah is very merciful and loves His men the most, who even allows Haram (not permissible) to take to save one’s life. In such a period, when one doesn’t solely put his life, rather, putting others’ lives into a problematic situation as well, pilgrimage is requisite to be banned for time being; that is done by the Saudi Government.

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