Travel Updates In Amid Of COVID -19

Travelling is no longer as before after the outbreak of COVID-19. It is not likely to be like that, at least until the vaccination comes in. The invisible virus is ubiquitous – from your hands to metallic substances – mounting up the risk of infection. Originated in China and now across the world, it has changed the picture of the entire globe. After putting the country under the lock down for a couple of months, the UK government has come up with a plan to come to grips with the virus.

Every other day a new policy is introduced to contain the spread of the virus that had already taken a death toll. Likewise, the government has issued new travel updates that you all must know if you are moving out or coming to England. Undoubtedly, travelling is not going to be comfortable anymore. This blog discusses travelling updates, including accommodation and aviation rules if you are travelling within and across the UK.

Important Note: Everyone must self-isolate for 14 days after arriving in the UK.

Transit Stops And Private Vehicles

However, this rule has an exception. If you are travelling from one of the countries that is within the common travel area and British overseas territories, you are not allowed to self-isolate yourself. If you have visited a transit stop during your travel, you will have to self-isolate for 14 days when you arrive in London.

However, you do not need to self-quarantine yourself if you make a stop, but no new passenger gets into the vehicle, nor do you and the other passenger get off and mix with other people. If you are using a private vehicle and travelling through non-exempt countries and regions and do not stop there, you do not need to self-isolate. Self-quarantine is mandatory if you stop there, get out of the vehicle, mix with others, and then get in or a new person gets into the vehicle.


Travelling Abroad

If you are travelling abroad from the UK, you will have to comply with all rules and regulations stated by that particular country. You will have to provide your health details to the local authorities, and it may require self-quarantine if needed. Go to the official website of the UK ( and check the travel advice given by the country where you want to go to.

It may include information related to health, safety and security, Coronavirus, and entry requirements. If you are booking an international flight with a travel agent, they can help you know about it in a better way.

Arrival In The UK

When you are coming from abroad, you will have to show a passenger locator form at the UK border. Note that you will have to fill up this form before entering the UK. You can fill this form within 48 hours before you are due to arrive in the UK.

Failure to complete this form is a criminal offence and it will take you a long time to enter the UK territory. You can get this form online. Make sure that you have an internet connection while travelling so you could fill up this form.

However, some people are exempted from this formality because of their jobs. For more information, visit the official website of the UK government. However, you do not need to complete this form if you are coming from Ireland.

Changes In Aviation

As per the government guidelines, the aviation industry is also stepping up to the plate. The invisible threat is still lurking somewhere around, and this is why it has become more crucial that you all understand individual responsibility.

travel during covid-19

Passengers’ journey is not going to be very smooth and comfortable now because of COVID-19. As the virus can survive over metallic substances for a longer time, increasing the risk of infection, the aviation industry has introduced several changes.

  • You cannot board the flight unless you show your immunity certificate or health and wellness declaration.
  • Physical distancing is compulsory at check-in gates. Health screening measures and contact less solutions are some of the changes you will likely see in airports.
  • The aviation industry is still working out on the plan to contain the spread of infection, for instance, by allowing back-to-front boarding and blocking middle seats.
  • Aircraft cleaning staff will sanitize the entire flight before boarding of passengers.
  • Travellers will be allowed to enter after sanitizing their hands properly. Some airlines are looking for installing an automatic sanitizer tunnel.
  • Some airlines have mandated wearing face shields and gloves for both passengers and crew. They will likely distribute sanitizers and related products to passengers.

Update In The Hospitality Industry


The hospitality industry has not come up with significant updates. It is still working out on it. However, it is expected that the hospitality industry will make some changes. For instance, it will be mandatory for the staff to wear face masks.

  • Contact less transactions will be made.
  • They will be wearing face shield and gloves all the time.
  • The entire staff will follow the protocol of physical distancing.
  • Each room will be sanitized after check out.

The way you have been travelling until the outbreak of COVID-19 is soon going to change drastically. You have to got to know the travel updates, now is the time to make arrangements for your trip. Of course, travelling is becoming a bit expensive this time. If you have fallen short of cash, you can take out 3000-pound loan with bad credit with no guarantor.

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